Business Life Cover Explained…

You’d be forgiven for wanting to solely concentrate on your everyday business – growth, new product development, expansion. Yet, what priority is given to when the worst might happen?

Of course your focus is on growing your business and making money. But how can you do that if your business is ripped apart by death?

As the most undersold insurance on the market, thousands of UK businesses are finding themselves either under insured, shareholdings not protected and future earnings not secured when owners, partners or directors pass away.

It is always advisable to ensure that the life cover solution is set up in the most tax efficient way for you or your business as a client.

As we’ve said, our message is simple. Our message is clear. Business life cover doesn’t cost the earth. It won’t break the bank. Yet without it, the earth could fall from under you.

Did you know...

If the life cover is not set up correctly, tax relief for your business isn’t always tax free for those left behind.

In short, should the worst happen, ask yourself this…

  • Where will the money come from?
  • How will you continue?

By working with us you’ll have complete peace of mind that you and your business are protected.

Not only that, but as a Director or Partner, your family’s future is protected too. What’s more, Lagrove’s in-depth knowledge of the industry secures the right cover for your needs, which in turn means your premiums and cover are the best in the market place.

“We will take care of it”