Why wouldn’t you
      protect what really matters?

Think you can’t afford business life cover? Then think again.

It provides essential cover for your business.
So we’re here to deliver a simple message…
Business life cover doesn’t cost the earth. Yet without it, the earth could fall from under you.

You can bring peace of mind to your business; safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen you and your business partners are properly protected, without any uncertainty.

  • Without dwelling on death, it’s a fact.
  • Not being covered when an instrumental player in your business – such as a Director or Partner – dies is a real risk to your business.
  • It’s also a fact that grief can result in even the most business conscious person making rash, often regrettable, business decisions.

Thanks to Lagrove, your business and its assets will be safe. It won’t find itself in the ‘wrong hands’ upon inheritance, remarriage or buyouts.

So surely the question isn’t ‘can you afford it?’ but ‘can you really afford not to?’
Let Lagrove take just a moment of your time to explain the benefits of accurate business cover. Our expertise means you concentrate on what you do best, whilst we provide what we do best.

“We will take care of it”